«The outfit ruined everything!»: The appearance of Jessica Parker in an unsuccessful outfit surprised everyone

No one could remain indifferent towards the inappropriate outfit of the actress 🧐😳

Recently, one of the world-renowned, most successful and charming actresses S. J. Parker has attended the US Book Show held in New York. Her great speech was highly praised and her enchanting appearance became the center of attention.

The iconic «Sex and the City» star put on a gray blouse, jeans and styled her blond hair in elegant curls. With the help of a neckline, she made her image even more alluring and unforgettable.

She gave her preference to elegant sandals in a Mary-Jane style. The prominent movie star perfectly complemented her image with a luxurious ring, a fashionable watch and a silver brooch.

She still keeps in touch with her co-partner J. Corbett with whom she starred in the movie and their characters even got married.

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