«How sad it is to see our idol’s state get worse!»: The aged appearance of seriously ill Willis left the fans speechless

Willis who was diagnosed with aphasia saddened the fans with his current look 🥺😢

For those who still don’t know, B. Willis has been diagnosed with dementia. This has been confirmed by his wife Emma who refuses to leave the actor even for a second. His abilities to move, speak and remember have been extremely worsened.

There are rumors that he doesn’t even remember her parents and the fact that he is an actor. This is what the man looks like today in the streets of Los Angeles.

The fans have noticed that the man has changed beyond recognition. His hair turned completely gray and deep wrinkles appeared on his face.

«How sad it is to see our idol’s health get worse day by day», «I can’t believe my eyes. What happened to my favorite actor?».

«We believe that you will overcome everything, Willis!», «Was I the only one who didn’t recognize him?», «You are strong, determined and patient. We admire you!».

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