«Nothing more than good friends!». Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet were photographed on the beach   

There is something mysterious about their relationship 🧐🤔

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio continue to be at the center of paparazzi’s attention for over 10 years. Their relationship remains impenetrable for their fans, because they claim that they are just friends for each other.

Despite the fact that the paparazzi have caught them together many times, they refuse to talk about their romance, insisting that their relationship is just friendly.

Let’s remind that the couple has been together for 23 years. They have known each other since the filming of the famous movie «Titanic». At that time, Leonardo was only 22 years old, and Kate was 21.

Now they spend a lot of time together and look happy and satisfied.

Fans are attracted by their warm photos and want to see them as a couple, because they look wonderful together.

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