«As if she has never given birth!»: This is how Willis’s heiress looks like shortly after the childbirth

Willis’s daughter who has recently become a mother showed her post-partum body 😳😍

Everyone is probably familiar with B. Willis’s heiress named Rumer. The 34-year-old woman is an actress as well who decided to follow in the career footsteps of her parents. And here she is shortly after giving birth.

However surprising it might seem, she managed to get into shape shortly after childbirth. She proudly showed her post-partum body in a white top bra, sweatpants and a matching shirt.

The final complement to her look were her catchy and colorful socks. She styled her hair in cute curls and wore minimal makeup. It was quite clear that she looked confident and proud of the progress.

Many paid extra close attention to her breasts as well being sure that they were unusually big due to breastfeeding.

Many will be surprised to learn that she gave birth to her heiress at home. This caused some complications but now everything is okay.


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