Miraculous Intervention: Generous Donations Save Beloved Dog’s Life, Owner Overwhelmed with Gratitude

It’s not a world without good people! 🐶🤗

This guy named Randy Esther loves his pet most of all. Gemini, the doggy is very friendly and loyal. They enjoy spending all day long together. This duo can’t image their lives separately.

Gemini liked to play with bottles. It was his favorite occupation, but once something terrible happened, when he ate the top of a bottle, and his owner was unaware of it.

Everything was great until he got ill.

The poor animal began to behave strangely: he refused to eat, play and even socialize with his owner. Randy took him to a vet for a checkup, but at first, no one managed to find out what was wrong with him. Later, when it was discovered that there was a foreign object inside him, the vet informed the owner that the dog needed a quick operation, which cost $4,500.

Randy didn’t have so much money, so he decided to sell his car, but it was not enough again. Thanks to kind people’s donations, the whole money was collected and the operation took place.

The life of the sweet animal was saved and he recovered quite fast. His owner is very grateful to those who support him to save his pet’s life and now he is alive.

They continue to have a happy life together.

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