«Neither fans nor haters remained silent!»: Jessica Parker’s response to the critics’ comments surprised everyone

This is what Jessica Parker responded to the haters who criticized her «aged» look 🤔🧐

The age-related changes J. Parker has undergone have clearly been seen during her recent appearance in public. Neither fans nor haters could remain silent and not comment on the star’s appearance.

Many have actively been discussing her gray hair. Her self-acceptance and the ability not to pay attention to the critics always delighted her fans and these are the qualities that they mostly appreciate.

She politely asked not to make her gray hair the topic of discussion. Parker mentioned that there were a lot more important things in life that were worthy of consideration.

The presence of her gray hair is explained by the fact that she gets tired of dying her hair every two weeks since she has an extremely busy schedule.

The celebrity sees no reason why she should dye her hair and accepts herself the way she is.


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