«Divorced on the fourth day of the marriage»: This is what Cage’s fourth youthful wife looked like

Here is Cage’s fourth wife whom he divorced days after the wedding 😱🧐

However surprising it might seem, this well-known and enormously successful actor has excellently starred in over one hundred movies. He played the leading role in «Valley Girl» which brought him fame and the sum of 5000 dollars.

He was in the prime of his career in the 1990s being best known for «Face\Off», «Leaving Las Vegas» and so on.

The acclaimed actor gained even more popularity for starring in such films as «National Treasure», «Windtalkers» and «Ghost Rider». He was the man who had about 20 million dollars.

Among the major purchase he has ever had is the whole Neidstein Castle. The whole thing was that he had to share his fortune with all of his wives and each of them should have some part of it.

His spontaneous marriage with E. Koike raised questions among the netizens Surprisingly enough, they divorced on the fourth day of their marriage.

Here are photos that were taken by the paparazzi at that time. Many believe that the financial opportunities of the famous man led the girl to choose him as a husband.

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