«Botox and fillers – her best friends!»: Kim Cattrall admitted that she does beauty injections, fillers and Botox

Cattrall, 66, does everything to look young, but her recent photos betray her real age 🧐😱

K. Cattrall, an outstanding actress best known for her role in «Sex and the City», has lately admitted that she periodically turns to fillers to look younger.

It seems as if the popular film star turns to every possible method to fight to age and is not able to accept the changes. She is convinced that her anti-aging methods will help her remain forever young.

She is convinced that one of the keys is to find a highly qualified surgeon and have enough money.

Kim expresses her respect for those who are even older than her and accept all the changes. She finds that in this way they show how well they lived then.

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