«Celebrity legs or a pair of matches?»: Paparazzi showed what the legs of popular women look like in real life

Here are today’s stars’ legs that are far from being perfect 😱😳

Most of us have seen today’s show business celebrities on the red carpet or events where they look their best, with no visible flaws and with an ideal image created by a group of stylists. Only a few have seen them in real life.

What some of the stars look like in reality compared to social media will undeniably leave you speechless. Though they are widely considered to be beautiful, attractive and with a perfect body, the paparazzi photos show something else.

Do you still find her the most beautiful woman?

One of the most popular singers Dion

One of the actress-sisters of Olsen

Meet Reed! What are your thoughts?

One of the most stunning and popular actresses – Lively

The imperfect legs of Bosworth!

Here is Beckham!

This is what Ritchie’s legs look like!

Meet Zoe!

The star of «Pretty Woman»

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