«She will definitely disappoint her fans»: Scarlett Johansson has made a conscious decision to stay away from social media

Scarlett Johansson’s bold decision is incomprehensible to fans 😱😳

Although many celebrities love to communicate with their fans through the Internet, Scarlett Johansson tries to keep herself away from social networks. She finds it boring and unpleasant and refuses to share her photos on social media.

She says that it takes up a lot of users’ time and it can have a bad effect on them. For example, the Internet affects her inner world and gives her only negative energy.

When she is doing something on social media, her time goes by pretty fast and she just doesn’t get anything done. So it also affects her mood. The star compares herself to a child who is completely involved in the process and does not focus on anything else.

So, the celebrity made a final decision to keep herself away from social media and according to her it only effects her positively.

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