San Francisco converted into Batman City for this small boy

Now the boy is in remission and the disease has retreated.

12 thousand inhabitants of the city accomplished the dream of Miles Scott who is 5.

All these people participated in a great show in the center of San Francisco, which converted into Gotham City, Batman’s city to fight criminals as well as regain equity.

The exhibition is arranged by the charitable organization “Make a Wish”, which deals with the fulfillment of the desires of terminally ill kids. The thing is, Miles Scott has leukemia. He was cured for several years, and currently, he is in remission.

The alarm was tuned early in the morning. The police commissioner said, “The city needs a hero.” And Batman hurried to salvation. For a few hours, San Francisco turned into Gotham City, the fictional city of Batman comics. Everything is for a child’s dream. Five-year-old Miles is battling a grave illness called leukemia. He gets an exceptional chance to prove himself in the fight against crime, albeit fictional.

According to the parents of the child, more than anything, he had the desire to become a true assistant to a superhero. The charitable fund, along with the city, took on the mission of fulfilling his dream by orchestrating the greatest theatrical transformation in San Francisco’s history.

The program involves a journey in a real Batman car, saving a girl stuck on a cable car, and, surely, confrontation with the insidious criminals of guilty Gotham. A penguin hiding a stolen baseball crew emblem on the roof and the wily provocateur Riddler, whom Batman Jr. personally sent to prison.

The criminals are caught, and the winner is applauded by thousands of fans worthy of real comic book legends. The name of the new savior is in the titles, on the streets as well as even on the San Francisco skyline.

This presentation is not the only present for the young Batman fan. His collection of comics involved picture magazines signed by the authors. 12 thousand people participated in the action for Miles. And the boy’s parents received the most cheerful news: their son is in remission and the disease has retreated.

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