«Spicy games in the pool!»: Stallone and his wife showed what passion looks like while being in a swimming pool

Famous Rambo’s and his wife’s spicy games in a swim pool made a splash 😳🧐

However surprising it may seem, famous Rambo is already 76. His beloved wife is 22 years younger than the legendary actor. The spouses have recently gone on vacation to Porto Cervo. Their recent photos show what passion really looks like.

One of the popular resorts in the north of Sardinia became their destination and the place they really enjoyed their time in. Even 25 years of marriage and facing difficulties and challenges failed to prevent them from being together.

The spouses seem to be madly in love with each other just like teenagers. The recent photos of the couple caused mixed reactions. Jennifer gave her preference to a revealing blue bikini that perfectly emphasized her appetizing forms.

She tied her hair in a messy bun and was wearing elegant golden jewelry. The final touch to her bikini image became her dark sunglasses.

What concerns the legendary movie star, he chose a black T-shirt and swim trunks. The spouse splayed spicy games in the pool and greatly surprised the fans. Many rushed to envy Jennifer for being the wife of such n attractive and caring man.

«The passion hasn’t disappeared in 25 years!», «The celebrity couple I can admire forever!», «Even at a senior age, they are still crazy in love with each other».


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