«Mother looks younger than her teenage daughter!»: The appearance of Alba’s heiress caused mixed reactions

Alba showed her grown-up daughter and astonished all her fans 😱😍

When having a look at J. Alba, it becomes difficult to believe that she has lately celebrated her 42nd birthday. The whole thing is that she still looks like a young girl. Some even believe that she looks younger than her child.

Once the new pics of the 15-year-old girl appeared on social media, the whole Internet was left speechless. The fans of the celebrity consider that she looks no less than 30.

«Guess where the mother is!», «Am I the only one who thinks she looks even older than her mother?», «I can’t take my eyes off agelessly beautiful Jessica», «The mother seems to be proud of her heiress».

«How do they look like twins?», «Their resemblance drives me crazy».

«Let her enjoy her child carefree hood!», «Why does she look even older?»., «She looks like an angel to me».

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