«It’s just her mother’s influence». Here’s what Beyoncé’s eldest daughter looks like and what she does

Fans discussed Beyoncé’s daughter’s appearance and success 🧐🤔

Beyoncé and Jay Z, Blue Ivy Carter, has a wonderful daughter, who, according to fans, has a strong resemblance to her mother not only in appearance, but also in character.

Fans have spotted that the father is strongly connected to his heiress. They together go to basketball courses, walk and just have fun.

Netizens recently discussed the girl’s appearance and her personality, and of course opinions were different.

The girl has become a real beauty with many interests. She is quite intelligent and has already achieved success in her life. She has received several awards and continues to go forward and create a successful career like her parents.

Fans are sure her parents have a big influence on her successful career and are doing their best to make her as famous as they are.

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