The actress of «How to Be a Princess» 22 years later!: This is how actress Heather Matarazzo has changed

Here is the actress from «How to Be a Princess» now 🧐🤔

This actress gained overall fame and popularity for this very legendary role. Her brilliant portrayal of a silly, dopey girl as the main role for which she is best remembered made her a popular actress.

In the movie, she played an ordinary teenager who was, for the most part, dressed in old-fashioned clothes and cheap jewelry.

Believe it or not, 22 years have already passed but the actress still looks gorgeous and much younger than her age. Unlike many of her co-stars and colleagues, she has successfully maintained her natural beauty over years.

Her mesmerizing sky-blue eyes and gorgeous hair still captivate millions and delight the fans and supporters of the outstanding actress. Her charm and allure seem to be ever-lasting.

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