«Nothing on Earth compares with her beauty!»: The stunning look of the Italian diva delights everyone

Bellucci became the muse of the Chinese gloss in a daring skirt with a spicy slit 🥰🥹

This 58-year-old actress who is a beauty icon and source of inspiration for millions has recently appeared in the Chinese gloss and showed off her impeccable figure. Despite her age, she still continues to charm the entire world with her beauty.

The sheer bodice she was wearing perfectly emphasize her attractive curves. Her black belt and a maxi dress with a spicy slit became the subject of discussions.

Her delicate makeup in wine-colored lipstick and chocolate eyeshadows gave her even more charm. Her luxurious neckline with emeralds and diamonds wasn’t unnoticed as well.

«Sabine Willard wrote the cover article for Chinese Cote. Special Cartier jewels, Bellucci said. The experience of working with the movie celebrity impressed Sabin. Monica the Sun Goddess! Great team, thank you».

«We need more of you, Monica!», «She is the epitome of beauty and femininity», «Nothing on Earth can compare with her beauty».

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