«It’s a crime to look so hot at 57!»: This is what lies behind 57-year-old Elizabeth Hurley’s stunning appearance

Hurley forgot how old she was appearing in a glamorous dress with a deep cleavage 😍

Even at her 57, this British actress can surpass any 30-year-old star with her gorgeousness, attractiveness and allure. When looking at her most recent photos, people can hardly believe their eyes and start to ask what her beauty secrets are.

These days, the outstanding star appeared in a glamorous dress with deep cleavage and soon resulted in mixed reactions. The fans were simply left speechless and wondered how a 57-year-old woman could look this hot.

The extravagant dress with a bright velvet top and lace bottom with a heart pendant perfectly emphasized her appetizing body and gorgeous curves. The «Austin Powers» star still maintains her femininity and elegance over time.

Behind her stunning appearance lies a strict diet. She has three meals a day and consumes only «pure products» for nourishing her body. Like many other celebrities, she benefits from collagen from soups too.

Despite her age she still captivates the world with her timeless beauty and attractiveness that still continue to win millions of male hearts.


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