«Resemblance that even scares!»: The incredible similarity between the King of Pop and his sister raises questions

The fans see the face of the late Michael Jackson when they look at his sister Janet 🤔🧐

It is not a secret at all that our favorite singer M. Jackson was literally obsessed with plastic surgeries. Everything started with rhinoplasty and then he even changed the color of his skin. As a result, he altered himself beyond recognition.

According to experts, among the surgeries he had undergone were his cheekbones, eyes and lips. The fact that he often appeared with his face closed with a mask is explained to be a method used for hiding undesirable results of his nose job.

And now, it is the late singer’s sister, Janet, who looks incredibly like her late brother. Accordingly, she has also undergone multiple procedures, including a facelift.

At the age of 56, she looks like the exact copy of her brother and many are convinced that it is the result of dozens of surgeries she has undergone.

She has recently spoken about the challenges she faced giving birth to a baby and going through a divorce from W. Al-Mana. It is worth mentioning that the extra weight she gained during the pregnancy, she managed to lose shortly after that.

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