«Not only is she not beautiful, she looks terrible». After so many plastic surgeries, the face of the famous businesswoman looks like this  

This is what 67-year-old Donatella Versace looks like 😱🧐

Probably everyone knows Donatella Versace as a famous fashion designer, who managed to create a successful clothing brand with her brother.

Although she is quite rich and can be called one of the most successful women in the world, she disappoints fans with her transformed face.

She loves plastic surgeries and has already applied for them many times. She thinks it’s the best way to maintain a youthful appearance, but her case is a bit different.

Not only does she not look beautiful and attractive, but she also looks older than her actual age.

67-year-old Donatella Versace surprises her audience with her strange appearance. Netizens express their worries about her changing face in the comments.

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