«He stole his mother’s dress»: Madonna’s son appeared at the event in a strange outfit

Madonna’s son’s choice of clothing has been criticized by many 😱😳

Madonna adopted a boy named David Banda many years ago, and he became their beloved child, whom they raised in love and respect.

Recently, the mother and son appeared at a boxing match together. Their photos were spread around the world, and the main reason was the boy’s strange outfit.

Madonna adopted David in 2006, when he was 1 year old. Now David is a 16-year-old handsome man. He has started a successful career in sport.

The guy leads an active life on social media. He shares photos from his everyday life with fans to show them what he does, how he lives and almost everything he loves to do.

For the event, he chose a sport dress, which was highly criticized by many.

Then some of their fans remembered that Madonna wore the same dress in 1993. They were shocked! It turned out David wore his mom’s dress.

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