«Met an 89-year-old billionaire in a club and married him!»: Here is the dancer who married an affluent man

This is how the story of a young dancer who married a senior billionaire ended

Many of you have probably heard of J. Howards who married a young dancer, A. Nicole Smith. The couple met each other in a club. Due to her affluent husband, the woman quickly gained popularity and recognition.

However, the billionaire soon passed away. Such a big loss seemed a tragedy to everyone around, while Anna shared his fortune with his stepson.

Thanks to her allure and unearthly beauty, the dancer gained the title of one of the most desirable women alive.in the US. No single one could stay indifferent towards her femininity and grace.

After her marriage to an 89-year-old man, she then married several times and had an heiress during one of her marriages.

The arrival of her daughter caused severe complications after she had to take antidepressants and then passed away in her own bed.

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