«It’s a crime to look so hot at 54!»: Lopez flaunted her perfect body in a tiny swimsuit right on the table

After these photos of Lopez, the fans fell in love with the actress again 🔥🔥🔥🔥

For those who don’t know, this iconic Hollywood diva celebrated her 54th birthday on the 24th of July. What she looks like at such an age is something incredible. That is why her fans often have to double-check her age.

The legendary performer has proudly flaunted her appetizing figure in a tiny bikini and received lots of compliments.

«It’s illegal to look so hot in the 50s», «She ages like wine. She gets even better with years», «How is it possible to look so attractive at such an age?».

«The coolest mom in Hollywood», «My biggest inspiration!», «The woman I can admire forever», «The time has changed her irreversibly».

Do you agree with the comments? Are you a fan of this popular star?

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