«Disgusting, what’s wrong with her belly button?»: Emily Ratajkowski showed her belly and deserved critique

The unique model put on a short top and showed a naked belly.👀👀👀

Incredible Emily Ratajkowski, 32-year-old model, wins millions of hearts with her beautiful post-pregnancy body. But there are people who began to criticize her for what they found flaws in her photographs.

So not all models are perfect, they have flaws. There are critics who do not like the image of Emily and they make comments about her belly button. But her loyal fans say that she has perfect abs.

«This is disgusting», «I can’t even look at this», «What’s wrong with her belly button?», «How do you live with this in general?»

«She delights, but she should hide her flaws», «Oh no, this is terrible», these are the comments written by Internet users. But of course her loyal fans are against all these comments.

What do you think of her?

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