«Forgot to wear a bra!»: Demi Moore forgot that she was already a granny and chose a spicy image

No one could believe their eyes! 60-year-old Demi Moore wowed everyone at a fashion show with her skin tight dress wearing no bra😱😱😱

The most recent appearance of the Hollywood actress came as a big surprise for her followers. They clearly noticed that their favorite star didn’t wear a bra. This immediately caused a stir and people started actively discussing her look.


She has become one of the guests at a fashion show. She gave her preference to a floor-length beige dress, a coat in the same color and elegant sandals. Willis’s ex-wife let her gorgeous brunette hair down.

Moore, of course, took her beloved pet too towards whom no single one could stay indifferent. Their special bond never ceases to delight the followers of the successful movie star.

For those who don’t know, Bruce Willis and her have recently become grandparents. According to Moore, everything went well and there were no complications.

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