«40 years age difference»: Cher began a relationship with a young man and became the object of criticism

Is she really happy with him?🧐Despite criticism about the age difference, Cher defended her relationship😳Seeing who her partner is, the fans are disappointed😒☹️

Fans, having learned about this strange relationship between Cher and his partner, immediately thought that their romance would not have a long life. It turned out that they were right. Cher started dating a man 40 years younger than her but then broke up with him six months later. The singer’s relatives say they broke up a few weeks ago, but the reason for the separation is unknown.
Cher recently received a diamond ring as a gift from her ex-boyfriend, and so fans thought they were engaged. According to sources, they were never engaged. Cher hasn’t said anything about it and fans think she’s not in the best condition to talk about the breakup.

Cher began her relationship with Alexander at Paris Fashion Week. A month later, they were seen on a date in West Hollywood. There were many critics who were disappointed to learn the age difference between them. Cher defended her relationship and argued that age doesn’t matter in love. She said that Alexander was kind, smart and funny and said that they kissed like teenagers.

Cher has been married twice. Alexander has a three-year-old son with his ex-girlfriend Amber Rose. After the breakup, Rose accused her ex-husband of cheating on her with different women, and he publicly asked for forgiveness.
Cher, even knowing about Alexander’s past, fell in love with him. The singer admitted that she prefers to date younger men.

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