«Prince’s decision is surprising»: people are confused after the changes in the coronation of Prince William

Are you ready for the changes of the future coronation?😱🫢Prince William believes that his ceremony should be different from his father’s and in keeping with modern times😮😳

Following the coronation of Charles III, Prince William decided to change his own coronation plans. There are rumors that William decided to hold a ceremony that would be different from his father’s and should be modern.

The prince wants to exclude people who swear allegiance to the monarch․ Some say it is outdated and offensive to a democratic country․ In a country, the leader must swear allegiance to the people.

William is confident that his coronation will be relevant, and will finally unite the nation and the countries of the Commonwealth.

And those who are already worried about the monarchy after learning about such a radical change․ Charles III, already during the coronation, refused centuries-old traditions, for which he was praised.

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