«Just a lightly moisturizing lip balm»: Irina Shayk’s natural face without makeup left all fans delighted

Who can say that Irina is almost 40!😱🫢Recently, the model shared a new photo, demonstrating her natural beauty and left fans speechless🤐😲

Famous model Irina Shayk is already 37 years old․ Now Irina uses a minimalistic approach to makeup, and this wins the hearts of all her fans․

The model regularly participates in various photo shoots and shows, but in her free time Irina does not wear makeup․ Moisturizing creams that keep her skin healthy are very important to her. Irina constantly changes these creams so that her face does not get used to one product.

In the morning, Irina always uses ice to improve her skin-method․ This was passed down to her from her mother.
It is obvious that these procedures are very effective and the results are amazing.

The model recently posted photos on social networks and showed her natural beauty without makeup․ She only used moisturizing lip balm. Irina refused decorative cosmetics.
In the photo, Irina wore a black sweatshirt with the word «Boss» written on it, and her hair was down.

All Internet users were amazed to see her beauty, because Irina usually posts photos on Instagram from professional shoots. It was a rare pleasure to watch and admire her natural beauty.
Irina’s fans were delighted and noted that she is a true ideal woman and looks great without makeup.

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