«Double chin and large belly»: this is what Julia Ormond looks like now, who has changed beyond recognition

Do you remember the young beauty Julia Ormond?🧐She has completely changed, causing a stir among those who came across a recent photo of the actress😱🫢

Julia Ormond, once one of the sought-after actresses, has always captivated everyone with her unique talent in Hollywood․ She has always played different impressive roles with famous actors․ There was a time when she worked with the famous director Nikita Mikhalkov and played in the film «The Barber of Siberia»․

Ormond always played wonderful and interesting roles, and became famous in the film industry. But it turned out that in recent years she has not been taking care of herself at all․ She is now focused on charity and thus provides help to all those in need. Her fans always remember the former beautiful and elegant woman with luxurious hair and impeccable appearance․

It is obvious that Julia Ormond has changed a lot in recent years, making her almost unrecognizable. She added extra weight which caused concern among all her fans․ They noticed this when they saw the latest photo of the actress on the Internet.

In the photo, Ormond looks completely unkempt and disheveled․ She put on an oversized T-shirt, tights and pulled her hair into a bun. Her former flawless figure has already been lost. But the main thing is that Ormond doesn’t even think about changing his physique and winning hearts again․

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