«Plump arms and prominent belly»: fans were disappointed when they saw Scarlett Johansson in a tight dress

Back like a closet and belly like a barrel!😬😳It’s unclear why Scarlett walked so confidently with her bloated belly in front of the cameras🤔🫢

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has always captivated her fans with her unique attractiveness․ When a survey among men took place, many considered Scarlett the most feminine and beautiful woman․ Maybe this is because she often portrays different superheroines with unique abilities.

But recently, a lot has changed in the star’s appearance․ When her second child was born, she was unable to regain her previous figure and, as always, be in first place for many fans․ But it seems that not only her physical changes affect her beauty, but also that she apparently changed her stylists․ this did not give a good result․

This time her chosen look on the red carpet surprised her fans․ It turned out that the dress was not at all comfortable for her body type and could not emphasize her beauty. She wore a poorly chosen dress with an outdated style․ The white tight dress with the wrinkled fabric ruined her appearance.

Despite the poor choice of outfit, Scarlett proudly posed impressively in front of photographers, but with an interesting expression on her face. However, her striking look did not save her from the fact that everyone was unhappy with the outfit.

Scarlett never considered herself a beauty icon. During the interview, she said that her attitude towards her appearance is critical. She feels uncomfortable being so short․ In addition, she is unhappy with her cellulite, her posture, and she doesn’t even like her voice.

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