«Spotted in pajamas with a baseball cap»: paparazzi managed to capture Julia Roberts and surprise her fans

Apparently, she’s not that good!🫠The paparazzi were able to capture Julia in a casual sports outfit, which slightly disappointed her fans🙄😬

Fans were surprised when they saw recent photos of Julia Roberts taken by paparazzi. She was wearing sports pajamas and a baseball cap. Who would think that the once charming famous actress from «Pretty Woman» is already over 50. Despite the fact that she is so famous, in everyday life she is an ordinary woman․

As always, he feels uncomfortable when he attends special events and appears in front of cameras. She feels uncomfortable in front of photographers.

Recently, the paparazzi spotted Julia on the street in everyday life in Australia. She was dressed in a casual sports outfit that consisted of pajamas and a cap. Fans even had difficulty recognizing their favorite actress.

Many have noticed that Julia has lost a lot of weight and doesn’t look like herself at all․ She looks different than usual which has worried fans․

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