«Why did she choose this old man?»։ Catherine Zeta-Jones caused discussions with 77-year-old husband’s photo

He lives with one foot in the afterlife, what did she find in him?😏😬Catherine Zeta-Jones shared new photos with her old husband that caught people’s attention🥴👴

For a long time no one reported about the Hollywood couple. Recently, Catherine Zeta-Jones posted photos with her elderly husband, which became the center of attention of all her subscribers.
It is no secret that there is a big age difference between the couple, but despite this, the 52-year-old actress still loves and remains devoted to her husband. Catherine and Michael are a unique happy couple who have proven for many years that love can last forever in our world.

Some immediately expressed their dissatisfied opinions under photos of the couple․ They wrote that Michael looks like a grandfather and is even older than his real age. For many they do not correspond to each other․

What do you think of this couple? Is it normal for you to be in a relationship with a significant age difference? Feel free to discuss in the comments section․

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