«Is this really her?» Here is what model Irina Shayk looks like in real life without makeup or filters

«Deformed face and creepy smile!»😱The years have completely changed the dream of men Irina Shayk🤦🏻‍♂️💔A random photo of the model from real life has appeared on the Internet📷🛜Fans regretted that they have seen this photo, which you can see here👇🏻

Irina Shayk deserves a reputation as one of the most sought-after models in the world. Her impressive looks opened doors for her in the fashion world. We would like to remind you that Irina Shayk has collaborated with the most famous designers and fashion brands. In recent years, the model has been in a leading position among the most successful and highly paid models.

Indeed, Irina Shayk’s age, 37, did not become an obstacle to her path to success. However, fans noticed big changes in the model’s appearance. Naturally, every person ages and cannot avoid the signs of aging. Irina Shayk’s fans want her to always look young.

Recently, a photo of a model appeared on the Internet in which Irina did not wear makeup. Unfortunately, many began to criticize her because of her changed appearance. They expressed dissatisfaction with the model’s facial expressions. But some wrote that this is just a bad shot and she still looks beautiful.

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