«What an attractive blonde!» The mother of singer Cher, at 94, amazed her fans with her youthful appearance

«At 9️⃣4️⃣ she looks younger than Cher!»👩🏻👵🏻The singer’s fans were perplexed finding out that it was Cher’s mom next to her😵💖It turns out that the woman managed to work as a model and captivated many⭐😍See their together photos, here⬇️

No one would have guessed that the mother of 74-year-old singer Cher had such an attractive appearance. Cher’s mother, Georgia Holt, turned 94. Now she has won hearts with her beautiful, ageless looks.

When Georgia was barely 5-years-old, her mother left her father. She began working at a local club, trying to provide a decent life for herself and her daughter. She soon made the decision to send Georgia to live with her father.

The man did not want to take care of the child. When Georgia was 17-years-old, she left home and met John Sarkisian and they had a daughter named Cher. Soon they separated and Cher remained with her mother.

Georgia Holt managed to try herself as a model and star in several films. However, the woman decided to put her career on hold and only decided to take care of her daughter. Georgia never imagined that her girl would become a star.

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