«Turned into a barrel!» Plump Katy Perry was caught after giving birth and caused mixed reactions

Looks even fatter in these leggings!👖😬Katy rarely appears in public, especially after giving birth🤰🏻👶🏻And the paparazzi, as you know, are not asleep📸💫Photographers managed to capture Perry in tight leggings and disappointed fans💔She is unrecognizable in the photo, in the article👇🏻

Let us remind you that Katy Perry, known for her hits, recently became a mother for the first time. The singer avoids frequent appearances. Because of this, her fans assume that she has changed in appearance after giving birth. This is probably the reason why she prefers to stay away from publicity.

Photographers, as you know, are always on the alert. They recently managed to capture Perry in tight leggings as she walked the streets of Los Angeles. Even during pregnancy, it is noticeable how much Katie’s physique has undergone changes. She, however, skillfully hid these changes under voluminous outfits. Fans understood this with understanding: while some celebrities are proud of having a completely flat stomach almost immediately after giving birth, not everyone is lucky with such genetics.
«Simply magnificent!», «Very sweet!», some Internet users wrote.

«A real beauty!», «It looks like she’s gained weight», «The waist has somehow gotten lost», «She doesn’t take care of herself completely», «You need to take care of your figure», «Giving birth has changed her a lot!», other network users expressed their opinions.

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