«Such a post at 65?» Jamie Lee Curtis shared a photo in shorts that became the topic of discussion

«At 6️⃣5️⃣ it doesn’t suit you at all!»❌Jamie Lee Curtis decided to show off her bare legs🦵🏻🫣Without an ounce of doubt or shame, she showed off her loose skin on her legs in shorts🩳😱Millions of fans are disappointed after this photo💔🗣️You also have an opportunity to see it here⬇️

In an age where society often prefers to see women quietly fade into the background as they age, Jamie Lee Curtis is determined to demonstrate aging with grace. With a wonderful career, Curtis serves as an inspiration to women who see new opportunities in their later years.

65-year-old Jamie Lee Curtis decided to celebrate her birthday and Thanksgiving in an unconventional way, with a morning workout. After completing her workout, she shared a selfie in front of the gym mirror in which she wore short shorts and long sleeves. «Back to it… Taking 65», she wrote.

Jamie Lee Curtis’s looks have inspired fans and followers. «You really inspire admiration for women at your age! Wonderful!», noted one fan. «You are a true rock star! Thank you for embracing natural aging!», another fan wrote.

She happily welcomes the arrival of another year in her life, and this is not surprising. The actress insists on accepting aging. She actively highlights her natural beauty by sharing candid moments with her fans on social media.

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