«Beauty icon before surgery!» photos of young Sophia Loren caused mixed reactions among her fans

«Absolutely different facial features!»😱Unfortunately the ideas about her impeccable beauty were wrong💔🙅🏻‍♀️Everyone knows what Loren looks like now, but few saw her before her fame👩🏻🌟Her prominent nose and double chin disappointed fans👃🏻🙍🏻‍♀️Photos you can see in the article⬇️

In terms of beauty, grace and femininity, Sophia Loren, despite her 88 years, continues to inspire. The actress always openly shares information about cosmetic procedures, and the latest on her list was facelift surgery.
Despite not ideal features, many women are inspired by the image of Sophia Loren and strive to be similar to her. But it turns out that in her youth the actress was far from beauty standards.

Sophia Loren decided to undergo plastic surgery as a result of which the excess fat on her chin and face was reduced, giving her a more sophisticated appearance, and her eyes began to look more expressive and open.

These corrections gave her a more mysterious and original look. It is interesting to note that although Sophia Loren is attractive, it is her natural nose shape that makes her look beautiful.

But the true magic that makes her attractive lies in her bright personality and charming manners.

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