«Nothing left from former fatty!» Unique weight loss of John Travolta’s daughter made a splash among fans

«She was transformed beyond recognition!»😮Travolta’s daughter at 1️⃣3️⃣ was one of the overweight celebrity daughters⚖️👩🏻After the death of her mother, the actor’s daughter began to melt before our eyes due to stress😭❌Despite the terrible reason, she turned into a real supermodel🌟❤️See her new photos here👇🏻

It is certainly amazing when we witness how people get rid of excess weight, transforming into completely new personalities. This process is really difficult to understand.

From the moment they are born, celebrity children have attracted public attention. This time our gaze is fixed on Ella Blue Travolta, daughter of the famous John Travolta, whose personality and lifestyle are of particular interest.

It is known that she did not have a slender figure in her youth and was not distinguished by impeccable forms. Her physical fitness as a child was the subject of ridicule from both the media and her friends.

She even took a leading place in the ranking of the most unattractive children of celebrities. Ella Blue has always tried to cover up her extra pounds, preferring loose clothing.

Several years passed, and finally the girl amazed the whole world with her magnificent transformation. Ella Blue has grown from a plump lady into a slender and elegant lady.

She not only regained her youth, but also got rid of excess weight, completely updating her wardrobe. Now many envy her and dream of being like her.

Ella Blue undoubtedly inherited many traits from her famous father. However, tragic events also occurred in her life: in 2020, her mother passed away. At that time, Ella Blue had already begun her acting career, which was accompanied not only by internal growth, but also by changes in her appearance. What do you say about this?

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