“He just has a large head” Paris Hilton talks about his son’s unusual head size and answers to the negative comments

Why are people so shocked by the new photos posted by Paris Hilton of her son’s HUGE head? 👶😱 How does the actress explain the strange size of her son’s head?😳 See the shocking details below👇

Fame and attention bring enjoyable aspects like wealth and popular events, but they also expose individuals to criticism and hate, as Paris Hilton has experienced throughout her public life. 

Recently, people have been addressing negative comments to Paris’s 9-month-old son, Phoenix Barron, regarding his head size. 

Despite her usual confidence, Paris didn’t hesitate to defend her child against these hurtful remarks on social media.

Paris and Carter Reum became parents to their first child together, Phoenix, earlier this year through surrogacy, expanding their family which already includes Carter’s daughter, Evie, from a previous relationship. Embracing the challenges and joys of parenthood, they’ve been navigating this new chapter with immense love and commitment. 

During a recent trip to New York, Paris shared a photo of herself cradling her son. However, the comments section below the post was filled with hurtful remarks about Phoenix’s head size. 

Users commented, saying things like “Man got a lot of thoughts up there” and “I heard this baby was created in a lab. And she didn’t carry it” alongside other negative thoughts from different individuals.


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Paris expressed her frustration when responding to the unjust criticism. She states that, of course, there will be some sick people in the world. However, her son is perfect and healthy for her.

She further mentioned that her parents are obsessed with their grandson. The actress is grateful to her mother for always supporting her and giving advice if needed.

This recent event emphasizes the fact that even celebrities are vulnerable to online criticism and hate. Criticism and negativity should never be directed towards children, but Paris’ readiness to confront the malicious trolls demonstrates her unconditional love for her son.

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