“Brad Pitt Finds a New Partner: A Substitute for Angelina Jolie” The famous actor’s new partner and its impact on the actor’s family life

Brad Pitt was caught with her new girlfriend.😱 How did he fall in love with her after Angelina Jolie? 😣 Fans can’t imagine how the famous actor could replace Jolie with her. 😢 Check out the article below to see the actor’s new lover 👇

Brad Pitt has a new girlfriend. However, he isn’t rushing anything.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were a famous Hollywood couple loved by many. But when they said they were getting divorced, it made a lot of people sad. Now, they’re both starting new chapters in their lives. 

Let’s find out who Brad Pitt’s new partner is.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s decision to get a divorce surprised everyone. People felt really sad to hear that the couple was breaking up. It got even more confusing when Angelina talked about why they were splitting up.

They were called ‘Brangelina’ by the media. They fell in love while making a movie called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Their love story was famous all around the world.

In 2016, Angelina Jolie decided to end her marriage with Brad Pitt because they couldn’t solve their differences. She also asked to care for their six children by herself.

Then, on January 21, 2021, Angelina sent Brad an email. She said she felt very sad about it. She told Brad she wanted to sell Miraval, a business about drinks. This might be because of a time when Brad was drunk on a plane. He got into a fight with their kids and spilled alcohol on them.

Jolie asked for a divorce shortly after a big fight. In her email, she said it was hard to write because she couldn’t stop crying. She mentioned that Miraval was a special place for her because they brought their twins home and married under a plaque dedicated to her mom. But now, she feels like it’s the beginning of the end for their family. She said Miraval felt like it died in September 2016, around the time of Pitt’s meltdown on the plane, and everything that happened afterward just made her even sadder.

But now it seems Brad Pitt is dating another woman. A source said, “Brad is very attentive and takes his time when he likes someone. He prefers to let things happen naturally.”

The actor is reportedly dating Ines de Ramon, who was once married to Paul Wesley. According to the source, the couple are “happy staying out of the spotlight.”

The source explains that Brad and Ines still enjoy spending time together and having fun. They both have common interests. Nevertheless, Brad isn’t rushing anything.

Entertainment Tonight said the couple was together in December 2022. They were caught on vacation in Mexico for New Year’s Eve.

According to the source, Brad likes to keep things separate for now. Therefore, his new girlfriend does not know his children yet. 

Recently, de Ramon was spotted wearing a necklace with a noticeable “B” charm. People are wondering if it’s a tribute to the actor. While there’s no official confirmation, the rumors about their romance have sparked a lot of speculation.

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