“A new partner immediately after her divorce” Valerie Bertinelli replaces her ex-husband with a new boyfriend

😳How could Valerie Bertinelli find a substitute for her ex-husband so quickly? 😣 Is she happy now without her ex-husband?🥲 See the article below to know more details about the actress’s personal life👇

The famous actress Valerie Bertinelli has found a new partner after her divorce. In one of her interviews, she said that she met someone new and is very lucky to have him in her life. Moreover, she mentioned that her life is filled with happiness and joy again.

However, the actress was not actively looking for a new relationship. She mentions that her new boyfriend motivates her and is grateful to have him in this new chapter of her life.

Valerie divorced her ex-husband, Tom Vitale, two years ago. Unfortunately, she had many tough times in her personal life. She shared several posts on social media emphasizing the importance of self-love and respect. The actress also mentioned that she is grateful to her followers for their support.

In her previous marriage, Valerie encountered emotional abuse from her ex-husband, which indeed left a big trauma in her. Despite all these difficulties, the actress is still strong and improving due to self-discovery and therapy.


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Valerie Bertinelli’s personal life is evidence of resilience and the importance of not giving up, no matter what. In fact, she is open to the obstacles in her life and overcomes them perfectly.Now, she is sharing the happiness and joy she has in her life. Valerie spreads kindness and self-love everywhere, reminding us of the importance of self-love and resilience.

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