“Strong family love” Bradley Cooper brought his mom to the Oscars ceremony, demonstrating his commitment to his family

😳Is Bradley Cooper a “momma’s boy”? 😱 Why did the actor bring his 83-year-old mom to a popular event like the Oscars?👵 Check out the article for more details👇

The Oscars ceremony is over. Therefore, it’s time to discuss all the remarkable moments of that glamorous event. Undoubtedly, the media is filled with stories about “Oppenheimer” and such. However, there is a lovely story concerning Brad Cooper and his mom that deserves your attention.

Although everyone talks about his secret relationship with Gigi Hadid, the actor arrived at the ceremony with his 83-year-old mom, Gloria Campano.

Cooper wore a black suit from Louis Vuitton. However, everyone’s attention was on his lovely mother. The couple’s appearance was heartwarming and cute for everyone.

Some commenters considered Cooper’s decision to come with her mom a caring and kind move. People were surprised by his dedication to his family bonds. Nevertheless, there were, of course, people who did not like the gesture and called it “strange” and “weird.”

Despite the hate that the actor received, everyone admired Cooper and his mom’s unique bond and their familial love and respect. Some sources even mention that it is not the first time Cooper appears with his mom. The actor tries to bring his mom to as many events of his life as possible. Cooper travels a lot with his mom and even lives with her in Los Angeles.


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Ultimately, the appearance of the mother and son reminded everyone of the significance of having strong family bonds and appreciating parents.

What do you think about this story? Would you take your mother to an event like that? Share your thoughts with us.

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