Glam Alert! Kylie Jenner Rocks the Red Carpet in Mugler

“She can’t live without attention, can she?” 😏😮 Kylie Jenner steals the show at the Thierry Mugler exhibition in NYC! 🙈😱 Decked in a stunning corset dress and a crown-like accessory, she truly looked like royalty. See why Kylie Jenner was the star of the Thierry Mugler Exhibition 🔥👑 Curious about her look? Dive into the full story and see why fans are in awe in the article! 👇

Fashion icon Kylie Jenner lit up the red carpet at the much-anticipated opening of the Thierry Mugler exhibition. Known for her exquisite style, the 25-year-old star flew in from Los Angeles to New York especially for the event, demonstrating her deep appreciation for the Mugler fashion legacy.

For this glamorous occasion, Kylie chose a stunning corset dress featuring a bold, deep neckline that gracefully flared into a feather-adorned taper at the bottom. Complementing her dress were elongated gloves, equally lavish in feather details, which harmonized beautifully with her outfit. The dress’s design superbly showcased her enviable figure, accentuating her curves and slender waist.

Kylie’s makeup was nothing short of striking, with warm brown shadows, stark black eyeliner, and voluminous lashes that made her eyes pop. Her face was delicately brushed with peach blush, enhancing her cheekbones, while her lips were outlined with a dark pencil and filled with a subtle beige lipstick. Her hair was styled up into an elegant, voluminous bun, topped with a regal accessory that resembled a crown, adding a touch of majesty to her overall look.

Completing her ensemble were sparkling stud earrings that caught the light with every photographer’s flash, adding a star-like quality to her appearance.

Kylie’s fans were quick to express their admiration on social media, showering her with praises like “Incredible!”, “Queen of luxury!”, and “Thierry is proud of you!”. Many noted that she was the epitome of chic at the event, perfectly embodying the spirit of Mugler with her breathtaking presence.

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