Holiday Heat: How Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky Turned Up the Temperature in Fiji This Christmas

“Still in love with each other” 🥹🥰 Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky heat up the holidays with a festive getaway to Fiji! 📸✨ Dive into their Christmas celebration and see why Chris is taking a career break for family time in the article below 👇

Chris Hemsworth, 39, and his wife, Elsa Pataky, 46, chose a tropical paradise for their Christmas celebration this year. The couple, along with their three children, jetted off to Fiji where they embraced the holiday spirit amidst sun, sand, and sea.

The Hemsworth family shared glimpses of their exotic holiday on social media, delighting fans with cheerful and intimate photos. Chris was spotted wearing casual gray beach shorts topped with a festive Santa hat, while Elsa looked stunning in a chic pink bikini. The pair were photographed sharing a romantic kiss under a palm tree, with the crystal-clear Fijian waters providing a perfect backdrop.

Their holiday snaps also included heartwarming scenes of the couple strolling hand-in-hand along the beach and Elsa capturing moments of their children playing nearby. Elsa’s caption, “Merry Christmas to everyone from our beloved island!” added a personal touch to their holiday updates.

Earlier this year, Chris announced a pause in his acting career, choosing to focus on his family. This decision came after a profound personal revelation about his mortality while filming a documentary episode. Reflecting on his experiences, Chris expressed a deep desire to prioritize his family time, saying, “Facing my own mortality made me realize that I’m not ready to go yet. I want to enjoy this peaceful, grateful period with my family.”

The Hemsworths’ festive getaway is not just a celebration but also a testament to Chris’s commitment to his family, as he steps back from his career to make the most of these precious moments.

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