The Real Story Behind Michael Jackson’s Contractual Marriage: Scandalous Secrets and Heartbreaking Revelations

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The world was introduced to Deborah Rowe, an ordinary nurse who stepped into the limelight by marrying the legendary Michael Jackson. As later revealed, Deborah’s marriage to the King of Pop was more contractual than romantic.

Their paths first crossed in a hospital where Deborah worked as an assistant to the dermatologist treating Jackson for vitiligo.

Jackson, eager to have children, faced opposition from his then-wife, Lisa Marie Presley. Sensing his deep desire for fatherhood, Deborah offered to help, driven by a wish to make Michael happy.

The two married in 1996, and through in vitro fertilization (IVF), Deborah gave birth to their son, Prince, in 1997, followed by their daughter, Paris, a year later.

In a candid interview, Deborah admitted that she never engaged in traditional parenting duties like babysitting or changing diapers, as Michael took full responsibility for raising their children.

Following their divorce, Deborah received $8 million and a house in Beverly Hills. In 2001, she attempted to relinquish her parental rights, a decision she came to regret three years later.

Despite her attempts to reconnect, her children, Prince and Paris, distanced themselves after learning about her abandonment.

However, years later, Paris reconciled with her mother, offering support during Rowe’s battle with cancer.

Today, Deborah Rowe lives a reclusive life on her estate but reportedly maintains a relationship with Paris, who visits her occasionally.

The intricate dynamics of Deborah’s relationship with Michael Jackson and their children remain a topic of public fascination.

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