From Infamous Balcony Baby to Mysterious Adult: Discover Stunning Transformation Of Michael Jackson’s Son

“The balcony scandal kid is all grown up” 😱🔥 Remember the balcony drama? 🫣🤯 Michael Jackson’s child is now unrecognizable and living a new life and making headlines again! 😳🫢 Discover his transformation and current lifestyle in the article below! ⬇️

Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop, was a devoted father to three children: Prince, Paris, and Blanket Jackson. Prince and Paris were born to his ex-wife, Deborah Rowe, while Blanket was brought into the world via a surrogate.

When Michael tragically passed away, his children were heartbreakingly young. Prince was only 12, Paris was 11, and Blanket, the youngest, was just seven. In the wake of this loss, their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, stepped in to provide temporary co-guardianship.

Although Deborah Rowe was the mother of Prince and Paris, she couldn’t be located at the time, which led to Katherine stepping in as guardian. Family insiders revealed that the children continued to live at the family’s San Fernando Valley residence after their father’s passing.

In a significant family decision in 2017, Katherine Jackson, then 93, stepped down from her role as co-guardian of 15-year-old Blanket. Legal documents revealed that she passed full guardianship to Blanket’s older cousin, Tito “TJ” Jackson, who was 39 at the time. This transition marked a new chapter in Blanket’s life, supported by his extended family.

Blanket, who became famously known after the controversial incident where his father dangled him over a Berlin hotel balcony, has now grown into a young adult at 21. Recently, he was seen at a Barnes & Noble in Calabasas, looking mature with a beard, mustache, and longer hair, casually perusing the movie and television section.

This sighting showed a new side of Blanket, as he navigates adulthood and steps into the public eye with a newfound sense of ease and confidence.

Blanket’s recent appearance showed a striking maturity, as he seemed relaxed and confident. He was also spotted in Las Vegas with his brother Prince, marking what would have been their father’s 65th birthday at the “Michael Jackson One” Cirque du Soleil show. As he begins to step more into the public eye, Blanket is embracing adulthood with a calm, low-profile approach.

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