Angelina Jolie’s Shocking Blonde Makeover: Has the Iconic Star Aged Overnight? Fans Are Divided

“Not sure it’s her best look” 🫣🫢 Angelina Jolie’s bold new blonde hair is the main topic of discussions and heated debates! 🤯😳 Some fans love it, others think it ages her 🧐 Check out her fresh look in the article below and see why fans are divided! 👇

Angelina Jolie, the well-known actress and philanthropist, has caught the attention of her fans with a new hairstyle. Recently, she was seen leaving her newly opened store, Atelier Jolie, showing off her fresh blonde hair. This change has led to mixed reactions from her followers.

Some fans think the blonde hair doesn’t suit her, while others believe she looks amazing no matter what. There’s also a lot of talk about whether the new look makes her seem older.

Angelina paired her new hairstyle with a designer bag that has a quote from her movie ‘Girl, Interrupted.’ The bag reads, ‘Some I’ve seen. Some never again. But there isn’t a day my heart doesn’t find them,’ a tribute to her role as Susanna.

Her store, Atelier Jolie, in New York City, focuses on ethical and sustainable fashion. It offers services like tailoring and upcycling, and features work from local artists. The cafe inside the store supports refugee groups, showing Jolie’s dedication to social causes.

Angelina envisions Atelier Jolie as a hub where creativity and community unite. She emphasized that her goal isn’t to become a major fashion designer herself. Instead, she wants to create a space where others can grow into that role.

She’s working with skilled people like hat maker Justin Smith and artist Duke Riley.

This new hairstyle and her business venture mark a new beginning for Angelina, who continues to be passionate about sustainable fashion and community efforts, even as fans debate her new look.

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