The Rarest Black Tiger Hit the Lens of a Photographer in India
There are many places in the world that can be called “magical” or unique due to the fact that there is something there that cannot be found in
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There was a golden retriever which was named Ping An – which translates as “alive and good” – lives in China. An impressive story happened to him recently.
In this veterinary clinic, the unwritten rules are rudely violated and all kittens are saved
Euthanasia,  is cheaper than nursing a small animal. And it’s not just about money costs – there is a human resource that is not endless. And there are
10 Proofs That Bathing Your Pets Is Extremely Beneficial!
Warm soapy water removes parasites, dirt, various sources of unpleasant odors, and the fur itself becomes soft and beautiful. If you also comb it later, you can’t take
The cat looked demandingly at the guest and touched her with its paw. The girl did not immediately understand that it was not flattering to her, but were asking to move over
A three-month-old kitten Masya spent the first two days under the sofa. She got out only at night, crunched food and stomped around the rooms, getting used to
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Pets will always be an endless source of fun and amusing stories. Last week, this happened to a charming cat from Thailand whose owner is Chang Fuak .Thanks
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Bad luck is an international thing, it can overtake not only a person, but also pets.  Although in some cases the animals are themselves to blame, of course,
The Girl Found Two Black and White Cats on the Farm and Took Them to Home. After a while, One of Them Began to Turn White.
A resident of Germany found two kittens on one of the farm near her house. She had been thinking about getting herself fluffy pets for a long time,
A Pair of Giant Rabbits Became Babysitters for a Baby
Coexistence of a newborn baby and pets under the same roof is always a dilemma for parents – how safe is it and will there be good things
A rat got stuck in a hatchway in Germany. And a whole team of firefighters came to save it!
Very often the job of rescuers is not only to save people, but also to save animals. The firefighters of the city of Bensheim were also faced with
A Wolf Named Yuki was Supposed To Be Put to Sleep 7 Years Ago, but It Was Rescued and Turned into a Real Handsome Man
The photo, which shows a girl next to a decent-sized wolf, attracted a lot of attention. Some people began to doubt whether this was a real photo or
The Owners Abandoned and Tied the Blind-Deaf Dog on the Top Floor of the House
Sometimes it seems that people are competing with each other, who will be tougher with their pet. For some reasons, some members of the human race try to