Scott Cohen, the famous star from the series “The 10th Kingdom” finally showed his beloved wife

The star of the series “The 10th Kingdom”, Cohen’s beloved wife Anastasia

Perhaps, many of you will be well familiar with this charismatic Wolf who stole millions of people’s hearts from all over the world. Legendary and praiseworthy S. Cohen has had many roles so far. The actor has brilliantly starred in many films whereas people remember him as the character of the popular series “The 10th Kingdom”.

60-year-old Cohen is monogamous who has been married to the beloved of the “Wolf” Anastasia Traina since 1989. The spouses have a 25-year-old son named Liam.

Recently, Scott posted a photo with his wife whom he had always tried to hide.

Their fans left such comments as: “Most importantly, they are happy together”, “They aren’t suitable for each other”, “A harmonious couple”, “I wish you boundless happiness”.

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Most importantly, Scott and Anastasia are absolutely happy together, right?

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