Maine Coon which is named Lotus Conquers Instagram. It’s unbelievably big!
Do you love cats?  We are sure that you really do!  How can we not love these wonderful pussies ?!  And good cats, as we know, should be
The Rarest Four-eared Mutant Cat has finally Found Owners and a Home for Himself
His name is Batman and one glance at this unusual black muzzle is enough to understand why.  And if we look from the other side we will discover
There is One more Donkey in the World. The Kid was Named Zippy!
The second donkey in British history was born on October 2 at Christine Turnet’s farm in South Barrow, Somerset.  The cub was long-awaited, the owner specially invested a
Photo Report from the Nursery-Garden, Where They Use an Incredibly Cute Method of Bringing Rabbits Up
There is happiness, and sometimes it simply fits in the palm of your hand. Wiggles its nose, sniffs, tickles with its touch – Blue Clover Rabbitry has developed
I never thought that the Brabant Draft Horses could be so Elegant!
Brabant , the Belgian draft breed, was specially bred to work with heavy loads, where haste and sweeping movements are extremely inappropriate just for security reasons. And when
The Foster Family was very Surprised to See What Kind of Strange Puppies Their New Dog Gave Birth to
You may not be a geneticist, but the rule that kids are like mom and dad – you must know! The rules of inheritance of the phenotype are
An American Bought a House and Found It in His Basement … a Happy Pit bull!
An American family decided to move to St. Louis and bought an old house there.  The first thing the father of the family wanted to do was to
In an attempt to revive the prehistoric breed, the American raised the largest puppy in the world. A Puppy!
The little beast named Euphrates is able to scare anyone with his appearance.  An ordinary creature with its appearance and dimensions which is 80 kg of weight and
What Will a Real German Dog Do if it Gets Lost?
You can talk about the intellectual abilities of pets as long as you wish , but in fact, everything is determined by actions.  Police officers from the Saxony-Anhalt
A Little Animal as a Toy: Little African Aardwolf
Few people will like the process of shaking the foot of a toothy hyena, but its distant relative Aardwolf is a completely different creature! This old Dutch word
A Cute Marriage Proposal with the Help of a Kitten
Kate Woodley and Jared Forsyth didn’t mind that the kitten had already been named Gandalf. No, really – if you take an animal from a shelter, then it
The Dachshund’s Romantic Photo Session Who will Soon Become a Mother, Touched Social Network Users
Vicki Miller, a photographer from Queensland, spent only 20 minutes on a work that could bring her, if not a worldwide fame, then a minute of triumph on