A Lynx Climbed a 12-meter Cactus While Running away from a Lion

Life is difficult and dangerous in the wild, so its inhabitants have to flee from the enemies and show miracles of dexterity and ingenuity. For example, one lynx was able to escape by climbing a huge cactus.

A professional photographer managed to capture an unusual story from the life of wild animals. All this happened in the Arizona Sonoran Desert, where the air is hot to the limit, and the entire territory is covered with specific plants, including saguaro cactuses. These giant plants can reach 12 meters in height.

The lynx suddenly ran almost in front of a car driving along a local road, because an angry lion was pursuing it.

But the lynx managed to escape from the enemy. Noticing a huge tall cactus on its way, it quickly climbed to its very top. The lion looked up and realized that it clearly wouldn’t be able to repeat such a trick. It growled several times and circled the plant below, and then it was forced to retreat.

The lynx spent some time on the top of the saguaro cactus. It breathed deeply after the chase, surveyed the surroundings almost very carefully, rested a little and recovered its strength.

The lion probably didn’t plan to eat the lynx, which is also a predator. The king of beasts, most likely, simply defended the possession and chased the stranger away from its territory. The lion rested with its cubs in that zone, and the lynx broke this idyll actually invading personal space, for which it was expelled.

The wild cat demonstrated incredible dexterity, thanks to which it didn’t suffer and was able to avoid conflict with a dangerous and strong lion. The nature and its inhabitants never cease to amaze!

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